Make up

From natural to dramatic-looking, the magic of makeup is undeniable. Whether you want foundations that blend perfectly with your skin tone or intense eyeliners that will accent the shape of your eyes, you’ll find it all in one convenient location. Regardless of being at the office or out on the town, get the look you want when you choose from a vast array of beauty products.

Foundation is a name that says it all: It is the base of any makeup applying process, setting the tone for your facial color palette. Once you’ve applied your Concealer, opt for eye shadows with a seasonal twist, such as rich, warm browns and dark greens during the fall and bright pastel pinks and purples during the spring. Layer different shades of eye shadow from the palette of your choice for a vibrant, fashion-forward aesthetic.

Moisturizing lip balms and lipsticks bring out the perfect pout, while a touch of blush gives the subtle flourish you need to accent all the colors you’ve selected to highlight and complement your face. Make the look really flourish when you utilize an Assortment Of Different Brushes for your cheeks, eyes and lips.

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