100 Toothbrushes, Medium Soft Bristles, Individually Wrapped

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Along with food and clothes, toothbrushes are a basic addition to care packages for the homeless and the poor. But don t stop there! Sporting medium soft bristles and dentally approved for optimal oral hygiene, the toothbrushes are great for personal use if you are a frequent traveller, love camping, or are in the habit of replacing your toothbrushes often. What s Included: 100 toothbrushes. They are packaged in sheets of 10. Individually wrapped: Individually wrapped toothbrushes are the easiest to redistribute and are effective for keeping environmental bacteria out. Many Uses: Dental offices Hotels and Airbnb apartments Students and school rooms Community Events Hygiene Kits Homeless care packages and local shelters Aid packages to developing countries Charity packages for the poor Medium Soft Bristles: Gentle on the teeth and gums while effectively removing bacteria and plaque. Standard Size: The toothbrushes are standard adult size (app. 7 length) but children can use them as well. Vibrant colors: The toothbrushes come in 4 classic colors; red, yellow, blue, and green. Perfect for identifying your personal toothbrush if several are in use at the same time.


INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED: Each toothbrush is individually wrapped in a paper casing. This ensures that the toothbrushes are well protected from germs and bacteria and can be easily redistributed. | BULK QUANTITY: There are so many uses for toothbrushes in bulk quantity. Commercially, they can be redistributed in hotels, Airbnb apartments, dental offices, community events, school rooms, to the homeless and the needy, and hygiene drives. They are also great for personal use if you are a frequent traveller, or are in the habit of disposing your toothbrushes often. | MEDIUM SOFT BRISTLES: Recommended by dentists, the bristles on the toothbrushes are effective in removing bacteria and plaque while being gentle on the teeth and gums. | STANDARD SIZE: The toothbrushes are standard sized. They are intended for adults but children can use them as well. The toothbrushes come in an assortment of vibrant colors. | BONUS TOOTHPASTE: A 25-gram special bonus tube of Colgate toothpaste is included in every package.





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