235 Pcs Magnetic Letter Number with Magnet Board, 2 Erasable Magnetic Pen and Storage Box, Foam ABC Alphabet Gift for Refrigerator Fridge, Classroom Toy for Toddler Kid Child Spelling & Learning Game

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Recommended: 3 years old and ups Set Include: 235 PCS Letters Set : Four Colors Red --50 Vowel Letters,E,I,O,U 10*uppercase letters+40*lowercase letters Blue--155 Consonant Letters:42*uppercase letters+113*lowercase letters,s, h,n*7,The other 17 consonant letters *5 izeppercase letter.3*4*0.6cmowercase letter.5*3.5*0.6cmOrange--20 Numbersize*2.5*0.6cmGreen --10 Symbolsdd, subtract, multiply, divide, equal, semicolon, question mark, exclamation pointLength: 3.5~4 cm Width: 2~3 cm Height: 0.6~0.7cm Other Parts: 1*Magnetic Board8.5*18*0.5 cm2* Magnetic Pen1.5*1.2*1.2 cm1*Storage Box5*22*5 cmEasy To Store and Differentiate: Each letter has a fixed position in the storage box, and the color is used to better distinguish the vowel and the consonant. I believe this will be the best learning tool for children. You can easily learn vocabulary, sentences, grammar, arithmetic by simply placing them on the magnetic board. Moreover, Children can put or write letters on the double-side board. It's easy to erase.it can be arbitrarily painted on the erasable magnetic board, and the trace can be easily removed by using a magnetic pen with a brush. They can stick to the refrigerator,magnetic boards,magnetic plate,easel,metal surface or anywhere with Magnetic Capabilities,and designed easy for small hands to play with.Great Way to produce jumbo study fun and even bigger smiles! Perfect Educational Gift: this set contains everything you need to build vocabulary, improve spelling skills and make learning more fun and easy than ever before. It good party gift for Christmas Celebration,Thanksgiving New Year, themed birthday,family reunion,Classrooms etc.


Magnet Toy Set: 235 PCS with four different colors(Red:50 Vowel Letters,Blue:150 Consonant Letters,Orange:20 Numbers,Green:10 Symbols), with Magnetic Board (11.3*7.9inch), 2 Erasable Magnetic Pen,and Organizer Box | Practical Teaching Tools: The vowels in red and consonants in blue are convenient for children to learn pronunciation and grammar. Each square of storage box has a corresponding letter code that allows the child to learn to distinguish and classify. | These magnets letter easy for toddler small hands to grip and improve motor skills.(capital A is 4cm tall, 3.4cm wide). they can draw, write and play games with parents or teachers on the magnetic writing board ,whether at home, school, class room, kindergarten | Multiple Use: They can be attached to the refrigerator, Fridge, dishwasher or our magnetic drawing board and won’t fall off. Preschool Educational reading spell words and create sentences, Maths count, add, subtract and more. | Best Gift For Child from 3 to 12 years old: All letters are made of non-toxic, environmentally friendly EVA foam, Soft and safe material. Great for classroom rewards, prizes, Christmas Celebration,Thanksgiving, New Year, themed birthday, bath time,family reunion, etc






235 Pcs Magnetic Letters



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