3 Pack - Bad Breath Cure, Bad Breath Remedies, Halitosis Cure use OraMD Breath Spray for Bad Breath Treatment, Halitosis Treatment, Smokers Breath Spray, Bad Breath Mouthwash and Bad Breath Toothpaste

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The Natural Solution for Healthy Teeth and Healthy Gums OraMD Breath Spray is made from the same powerful formulation of pure all-natural ingredients as the OraMD Original. The combination of the compact size of the bottle and the sprayer makes it easy to treat bad breath on the go. The oils in the breath spray still effectively kill periodontal bacteria which makes this a wonderful addition to the 3-Step Oral Hygiene routine. Made with 100% pure botanical and essential oils: Sweet almond kernel oil Spearmint leaf oil Peppermint leaf oil There are many different properties (characteristics, actions, compatibilities) for the above three oils. Our unique, customized blend has specific values of menthol, terepenes, ketones, esters, aldehydes and other components giving the best possible result.No fluoride, chemicals, GMO's, abrasives, or additives.OraMD is handcrafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality.





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