32P Hardened Pinion Gear Set 1/8 inch Hole 12T 13T 14T 15T 16T with Hex Key (Compatible with 0.8 Metric Pitch)

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Are you looking for universal spares pinion gear for your RC carWe can help, we provide 1/8 inch hole 32p pinion gear set comes with set grub screws, they work well and have a secure fit with no modification needs. Package include: 1 X 32p 1/8inch 12T pinion gear 1 X 32p 1/8inch 13T pinion gear 1 X 32p 1/8inch 14T pinion gear 1 X 32p 1/8inch 15T pinion gear 1 X 32p 1/8inch 16T pinion gear 5 X Grub Screws 1 X Hex Key Make sure you thread lock the grub screw. They are hard to find when they fall out. Larger gears will result in higher speeds while smaller gears provide more torque. For quicker acceleration go for a smaller pinion gear (with fewer teeth) and larger spur gear (with more teeth). Your car will accelerate off the mark very quickly with more torque, and you'll also benefit from cooler running temperatures, extending the life of your motor and ESC. How to install the pinion gear: You will probably need to loosen the motor a bit, in order to fit the pinion gear on. Make sure you lock it in place on the flat portion of the motor shaft. When you are tightening it back up, make sure you leave about a gap between the pinion gear and the spur gear. That gap will be very small. It should be about the thickness of a piece of paper. At last, if the motor you are using has a 1/8 inch shaft with an 32p spur gear then it should fit... It's not about what vehicle you have necessarily... Let us make your RC happier! LOL


?Work Smoothly?Good machining made less rough and less noise than other pinions that make them roll smoothly. | ?Pitch & Teeth? 32P compatible with 0.8 metric (0.8M) pitch. 32P(32DP) is the pitch of each tooth on the pinion gear and the 12T 13T 14T 15T 16T is the number of teeth on the pinion gear. Please make sure your spur gear and pinion gear have the same pitch, or the teeth won't mesh. | ?Hardened?32P pinion gear set is of hardened metal construction. Last longer life. | ?Free Style?The speed depends on your gear ration. We provide five different teeth pinion gear to make you more choice in gear ration. | ?5pcs?The package included 32p 12T 13T 14T 15T 16T pinion gear and a hardened hex key.









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