48PCS Kids Plastic Prepared Slides for Microscope of Animals Insects Plants Flowers Sample Specimens for Basic Biological Science Education #81053

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Kids Plastic Prepared Microscope Slides of Animals Insects Plants Flowers Sample Specimens for Stereo Microscopes Colored labels enable an easy classification. 12 Pieces blue color samples for animals. They are plankton egg, cat hair, rabbit hair, sheep hair, cow hair, duck feather, canary feather, horse hair, pigeon feather, fowl feather, sardine scale, goldfish scale. 12 Pieces red color samples for insects . They are butterfly wing, butterfly leg, butterfly antenna, locust leg, locust antenna, honeybee wing, honeybee leg, honeybee antenna, dragonfly wing, dragonfly leg, dragonfly abdomen. 12 Pieces green color samples for plants . They are potato starch, sponge gourd stem, lotus root, pumpkin ovary, cucumber ovary, onion epidermis, ginger roots, celery leaf, burdock root, cabbage leaf, carrot root, corn stem. 12 Pieces yellow color samples for flowers. They are laver, sunflower pollen, agar, bamboo cane, phlox leaf, dandelion fuzz, carnation stem, lily pollen, camellia pollen, tulip pollen, veins of holly leaf, pine tree stem. Material: ABS Plastic Slide size: 5.4'' x 3.3'' x 0.8'' Quantity: 48 pieces (12 Pieces x 4 Boxes)


12 vegetable slides, 12 plant slides, 12 animal slides and 12 insect slides | Selected fine specimens from various categories,the samples are clear and easy to observe. | 48 kids microscope prepared slides of entomology, botany and mammology specimens for kids, entry-level students or home school programs | Plastic prepared slides safe for kids ,there are no sharp edegs,will not hurt children. | Each slide size: 5.4'' x 3.3'' x 0.8''

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