4D Master Baby Gummi Bear Skeleton Anatomy Model

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Gummi Bears are an iconic gelatin candy that kids and adults love all over the world! Bring your favorite candy to life with this Gummi Bear Anatomy 14-Piece puzzle toy! Designed by artist and designer Jason Freeney, this Gummi Bear has its own disproportional skeleton and organs. Learn all about the anatomy of those delicious fruit-flavored candies! The Bear features a sturdy clear plastic case that serves as the "skin" or outer shell that holds the skeleton and organs in place. The bones are made of a durable, slightly flexible plastic. An instruction sheet is included to help guide you in the assembling process. Completed model measures 110mm tall . This funny anatomy plastic model is a great quirky gift for any friend! It is easily assembled and has a highly detailed finish. For ages 8 and up.


Gummi Bear Funny Anatomy by Jason Freeny | 14 Parts | Ages 8+ | Approximately 4.25" Tall



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