4E's Novelty Expandable Ball Fidget Sphere Toy (Colors May Vary) Expanding Stress Relief Breathing Ball Toys for Kids & Adults - for Anxiety, Yoga, Deep Breathing, ADHD - Expands from 5.6" to 12.5"

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? Wow, our Expandable-Ball is a great way to relieve stress. It comes in a variety of beautiful colors, it opens and expands and then shrinks back to its original size, almost like magic. You will enjoy watching the toy in action, working with it's parts like a carefully choreographed orchestra, you will get 1 Ball per order. | ? Our Expandable-Ball toy comes in a unique, award winning geometric shape, it expands from 5.6 inches to 12 inches. It's enchanting and captivating. Buy our Expandable-Ball, it's a great toy and a great gift for children. Children and adults alike enjoy hours playing with the Expandable-Ball. | ? You will get a beautiful Expandable-Ball. It comes in a variety of colors, due to our limited stock we cannot guarantee what color you will get. We are selling them now for a special price. Hurry up and buy them while the price is low because they will not last. | ? This expandable ball toy as a perfect gift for children. It's also good for adults and children to keep your hands busy while thinking about your future and your business plans. You can throw then to a friend or from hand to hand. It's good for fidgety children or hands the need something to play with to stay occupied, it's also good for ADHD and for humans with overactive minds and hands. | ? Our Expandable-Ball is an amazing toy product, it's a great gift idea for teachers and an excellent party favor item for party hostess to give our for the guests, you will get a lot of thank you exclamations from the crowd when giving out this Expandable-Ball which is great for kids and adults and everybody in-between.





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