6 Set STEM Kit,DC Motors Electronic Assembly Robotic Science Kits, Mini Electric Plotter,Ball Emitter,Reptile Robot, Boat,Balance Car,Circuit Building DIY Science Experiments Projects for Kids

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6 Model Kit for Kids Experiment : (Please note that these models need to be assembled by yourself) Reptile Robot Gear motor rotates the Z shaft to move the model forward. Mini Electric Plotter The motor rotates through the pulley crankshaft to make the color pen draw,and at the same time drives the rotary plate to rotate with the color pen to draw the flower curve. Ball emitter The two-wheeled serve is to use the wheel to serve. The two wheels rotate at high speed and rotate in opposite directions. The space between the wheels is slightly smaller than the diameter of the ball. When the ball rolls between the two wheels, the ball is quickly rotated out by the friction of the wheel and the ball. Circuit Model Crossing the Circuit Model is an interesting scientific experimental model that demonstrates sound, light and electricity.When the eye screw and the aluminum wire touch, the power supply, the buzzer and the LED form a circuit, the LED lights up, and the buzzer sounds a slight alarm.On the contrary,when the eye screw and the aluminum wire are not touched, the entire circuit is blocked, and the buzzerand LED do not work. Wind powered boat The mini boat uses the propeller of the stern to generate air force to form the thrust to make the ship move forward. Mini balance car The mini balnce car uses the center of gravity to achieve self-balancing.


Specially STEM education LABS Kit:The 6 erector set are designed to enhance children's Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math skills. | A Great Gift for 8-12 Years Old:Create unique STEM Toys for 8-12 years old & teens. | Easy to assemble: Includes 1 mini screwdriver and detailed instructions make it much easier and convenient to assemble the stem kits. Requires 2 AA batteries.(Not Included) | Complete All in One Kit:Contains 6 set module parts,can be build 1*Mini electric plotters,1*Reptile robot,1*Small ball launcher,1*Circuit model, 1*Mini boat,1*Mini balance car. | 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Contact us if you are not satisfied with it for any reason. And we promise all the issue will be solved within 24 hours.







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