Absolute Ayurvedic Pack of 2 Copper Tongue Scraper Cleaner | Dentist Recommended For Dental Health and Fresh Breath | Oral Hygiene Free E-Book Included

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What is Tongue Scraping as per Ancient Ayurveda Daily Tongue Scraping Practice Indicated In Ancient Ayurveda, Provides Oral And Spiritual Health Benefits. Ayurveda Medicine Is A System Of Medicine With Historical Roots In The Indian Subcontinent. Ayurvedic Tongue Scrapping Recently Gained A Lot Of Attention In Western Continents. Being Gateway Between Your Body And Environment, Oral Health Cannot Be Overlooked For Healthy Life Style And Well-Being. This Practice Is Called Jihwa Sodhana. Why Copper For Many Centuries Copper Has Been Used For Its Antimicrobial Property. Recent Studies Also Suggested That Copper Possesses Antimicrobial Property Which Triggers Its Utilization In Many Hospital Furniture And Surgical Equipment. Copper Is One Of The Best Mental For Tongue Scrapping Because It Promotes The Growth Of Good Bacteria And Suppresses The Growth Of Toxin-Producing Bacteria. Why choose Absolute Ayurvedic Absolute Ayurvedic Tongue Cleaners Are Designed To Work For Years. It Helps Keep Your Tongue Clean, Breath Fresh And Improve Overall Oral Hygiene. Absolute Ayurvedic Tongue Scrappers Are 100% Copper And Come With Lifetime Warranty. If Any Of Our Tongue Scrapper Breaks, Ship It Back And We Will Be More Than Happy To Replace It For Free Just To Keep You Healthy. Cares Instruction Simply Clean With Warm Water After Each Use And Let Is Air Dry Copper Tarnish Can Easily Be Removed With Lemon Juice Which Leaves The Copper Shiny And Restores Polish Absolute Ayurvedic Prides Itself On Quality. We Care And Strive For "5-Star Happiness" For Each Of Our Customers. Let Us Know How We Are Doing Which Provides Us A Huge Motivation To Develop Our Products And Service!


MADE IN FDA REGISTERED FACILITY - BEST REMEDY FOR BAD BREATH - Improve taste sensation - removes coating on the tongue - slows growth of plaque - excellent remover of toxin | ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED WITH INSTRUCTION CARD - Flexible, wide scraping, non-gagging design with optimal length - instruction card is included in package. | CLEANING YOUR TONGUE IS COMFORTABLE, QUICK, HYGIENIC & EFFECTIVE - Thicker, heavy-duty, super smooth (safe edges) & risk of nicks & mold buildup! | ONE SIZE SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE IN FAMILY: A Must Have Tool For Kids (8+) And Adults To Promote Daily Oral Hygiene Just In Few Seconds. Ayurvedic Texts For Copper's Antimicrobial Properties. Instruction Card Is Included In Package. Lifetime Warranty! | LIFETIME & ABSOLUTE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE- Simply clean with warm water (and with lemon once a month to restore polish). makes for an excellent gift.





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