AGE 20's Signature Essence Double Cover Easy to go Foundation Cushion Pact + Refill #21 LIGHT BEIGE (0.49 oz x2ea)

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AGE 20's Signature Essence Double Cover Foundation Cushion Pact + Refill #21 LIGHT BEIGE Intense Double Cover - With Double Cover Powder technology, rich essence covers the pore and flaws providing perfect coverage71% Moisturizing Essence - The essence within contains 71% of moisture, providing moist and comfortable makeup5x Hydration with Sacran - Compared to hyaluronic acid, Sacran provides 5x moisture, enabling long lasting moisturizationSkin friendly component, SkinmilarTM - SkinmilerTM's Bio-like component enhances skin's natural abilities and strengthens the skinHow to Change the Refill Foundation1. Completely close down the lid of the used foundation case 2. Turn the case upside down, and push out the foundation case from the bottom to remove the finished product from the case 3. Put in the new refill by pressing it gently into the empty case


3 in 1 - Color corrector, base, and foundation all in one for perfect skin | Perfect Double Cover - First covers the pores, then smoothens the bumps | Compact Design - Simple and compact design to use for daily makeup at anywhere and anytime | 71% Hydration Essence - Experience all day long hydrated makeup with the hydrating essence | Refill Included - Buy one and get a free refill



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