AOMGD Nurses Day Party Cups IV Bags - 10 Pack Blood Bag Drink Container 12 Fl Oz/350 ml with Jello Shot Syringes,Halloween Decoration Party Supplies

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Halloween blood bag is perfect as party cups, children funny decoration, also any carnival, holiday or parade can as a surprise cup.It is beloved by vampires around the world!
Customizable label, syringe and clips are all ready for you!

Package includes:
10 X Blood Bags(12 Fl Oz/350 ml)
10 X Clips
10 X labels
2 X infusion tube
1 X Syringe/60ML

NOTE: Do not fill blood bag with hot drinks. Overheating and freezing may damage the blood bag and cause leakage.


Package: One Halloween blood bag set contains 10pc blood bags?comes empty?, 10pc blood bag labels, 10pc clips, 1pc fast filling syringe?60ML?, 2pc infusion tube, in total 33pieces. | Completely Food Safe: Reusable iv bag made with food grade PVC,perfect for filling soda, jello, juice, alcohol,fake blood etc.Blood bag comes with a prestamped hole in the top, for convenient hooking. | Intimate Design: Unique blood group stickers help you customize your blood bag with different blood types.blood bag container has a catheter for filling drinks, it also serves as a straw while drinking from the blood bag. With the clip, you can seal the bag anytime without worrying about spills.Comes with syringe for filling drinks. | Party Drink Cups: Children funny decoration, Perfect for serving as Halloween party cups, decorations or even vampire TV or movie props. | Beloved by Vampires all around the world









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