Bath Bomb Kit, Making 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, (Makes 12 DIY Lush Cupcake Mold Bath Bombs), Gift Box Included.

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Here are some interesting stats regarding the people that are reading this and what they do next: 5% of the people reading this right now are going to watch a youtube cat video sometime in the next 72 hours. 27% of the people reading this right now will purchase this kit right now for their friend as a gift to let them know they are special and deserve to indulge a bit. 67% of those people who will make a purchase right now for a friend will also get a few more for themselves. And why not Life's too short to be wasted on inferior bath bomb kits and youtube cat videos... ...ok, maybe just a few cat video clips. But only after a luxurious and soothing therapeutic bath made with 100% essential oils and all natural ingredients that will melt your stress away. Live glorious. The Bath Bomb Kit Co.


???????% ?????? ?????????????? ?????? ???????? ???? ?????? ??????: Unlike other brands, this make your own bath bomb kit includes only 100% pure essential oils, all natural and gmo free | ???????% ???????? ?????????????????? ????????: Comes with a set of lavender, lemon, eucalyptus and grapefruit to offer the broadest spectrum of enjoyment. No artificial scents or seed oil fillers | ????????? ???????? ??????????????: Naturally occurring magnesium found in our epson salts make this bath bomb making kit for girls, kids, and women feel like you went to a spa but never left home | ????? ?????????????? ???????? ??????????: Indulge in an endless variety of fun and relaxation. Includes recipes and aromatherapy guide, cupcake mold liners, naturally calming epson salts and more ?? | ???????????? ????????: End boring and generic gift giving and give bath bombs with surprise bath bombs instead. Get used to being praised for years to come as being such an incredibly awesome thoughtful person





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