Blush Makeup | Red Hawaii | Mineral Makeup by Giselle Cosmetics | Pure, Non-Diluted Loose Powder Mineral Make Up

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Giselle Cosmetics Blush - Red Hawwaii 5gBenefits of Giselle's Mineral Makeup:1- Provides Sun Protection2- Provides Better Coverage3- Looks Great on Camera4- Won't Settle into Fine Lines5- Is Suitable for All Skin Types6- is Rosacea-Friendly7- is Good for Acne-Prone Skin8- is Good for Sensitive Skin9- is Long-WearingHow to Apply Blush, How to put on blush and Where to apply blushHeart Shape Face:Apply blush to a heart-shaped face in a "C" shape. If your face is more heart-shaped, apply your blush in a curved line from the top of your temple down to your cheekbone. Apply the blush a little more softly on your temple and gradually increase pressure as you approach the cheekbone area.Round Shape Face:Avoid the apples of your cheeks if your face is round. You can add more definition to your face if you suck in your cheeks and lightly sweep the blush brush in a line underneath your cheekbones. Don't apply blush to the apples of your cheeks because this will make your face look more round.Oval Shape face:Go from the cheekbone to the temple if your face is more oval. Using soft strokes, move from the most prominent part of your cheekbone down towards the earlobe. Add a touch of blush just above the temple as well.Square Shape Face:Apply blush in a circular motion if you have a square face. Apply your blush directly to the apples of your cheeks in a circular motion to soften angular features and also draw attention to the most round part of your face.


Blush Makeup: blush has the ability and the power to brighten up your entire face and highlight your visage with just a few strategically placed swipes. | Best Blush: is a blush that lasts long and looks natural and can warm up your complexion, create the illusion of cheekbones, and even make you look younger.Giselle Cosmetics blush is a Mineral Makeup powder blush of high quality, pure and uncut. | Blushes Come in a variety of choices: cream blush, liquid blush, wet blush, matte blush, pressed powder blush, this Giselle Cosmetics blush is loose powder blush | Color Blush: The most popular blush colors are cherry blush, pink blush, gold blush, peach blush, mauve blush, red blush





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