Bong Bong Non-Toxic Nail Art Stickers For Kids 3-7yo And Juniors 7+ yo - Colorful, Cute, Super Hero, Glitter - Long Lasting (30 Stickers) (3-7yo, Happy Unicorn)

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Super easy nail sticker wrap on to make any day a special day for your kids!
Give your kids' nails a fun makeover!

1.Clean the fingernails to make sure there's no foreign substance, oil or moisture

2.Pick the correct size of nail wrap-on sticker for each finger and softly peel off the sticker from the film

3.Apply the sticker to the nail and put pressure to make sure it adheres well. If the sticker is too big for the finger, cut it with scissors before applying. If the nail is bigger than the sticker, applying the sticker closer to the root of the nail will ensure that it stays on longer. If left on for 3-4 days, you can push the sticker with the tip of your finger to remove; if left on for longer than that, use nail remover safe for kids.

Warning: For kids 3 years and older. Do not use the stickers if there's any wound close to the nails. After use, keep the stickers inside the packaging and in cool area away from sunlight.

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