Brave Hours Fluffy Slime kit- relieves Stress Toys, which are Super Soft and Non-Sticky, Ideal for Sensory and Tactile Stimuli, Active Party Gifts, DIY Items.(12color)

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Fluffy Floam Slime Stress Relief Toy Scented Sludge Toy for Kids and Adults, Super Soft and Non-sticky,Suitable for multiple people And unicorn box-12 Pcs fluffy slime -12 Pcs glitter


Our fluffy slime is bigger than other sellers, so you can play more mucus! We offer a 12-color glitter for free, mixing the glitter and slime together to make your own DIY slime! This is the perfect gift for a unicorn party and birthday. | Our fluffy slime is like a unicorn and tastes great! There are 12 separate containers so you can separate all colors. If you mix colors together, they will form multiple colors. It has an amazing texture that produces a satisfying bubble pop-up sound during playback. Ideal for releasing pressure, | Unique gifts and amazing children's fun Excellent stress and toys that reduce anxiety. This will make the game time very interesting! You can separate it and it will rejoin seamlessly! Squeeze, twist, smash or create your own artwork with this fluffy slime. Our slime box is very tactile, very interesting and has unlimited potential! Suitable for schools, work, game time, art, handicrafts, magic and school projects | Non-sticky, non-toxic, natural and safe for children - our slime does not contain borax or boron. It has been thoroughly tested and complies with EU standards. Made from natural resins, water and inorganic powders. It smells very fragrant and does not contain any irritating chemicals. Fluffy mucus does not stick to hands, furniture, carpets or walls. Non-toxic, non-greasy, can bring hours of fun! . | Buy with confidence. If you have any questions, please contact us for a quick response and a quick solution. You will like how soft, flexible and fun our Unicorn Rainbow Slime is, or your refund. Buy no risk and let your little artist be busy with this super fun unicorn slime!









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