Channie's Beginner's Alphabet & Handwriting workbooks, 3 workbooks, lots practices with visual format. Easier way to learn Alphabet

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Your preschool through grade one child or student will love to practice and learn their English letters and numbers on the lined and traceable manuscript workbooks in this bonus 3-pack set.

They're made for basic language, printing, teaching, and learning. Created for grades Pre-K, kindergarten, and 1st grade, they put your school-age child on the path to consistent and quick development of standard printing with daily participation and education in tracing and handwriting exercises.

You'll likely see fast improvement in just a few weeks. This method works! In no time at all, your child will move from beginner's status to improving to excellence.

Good for rehabilitation for adults in occupational therapy.

This paper product is strong (60 lbs.) and doesn't rip easily. Buy one for home, one for grandma's, one for the sitter, and one for the car-it's always a good time to practice the alphabet and handwriting improvement!


Visual Alphabet Paper, Patent Pending; Grades PreK - 1; Bonus 3 Pack Includes: 1) My First Letters, 2) Easy Peasy Alphabet, and 3) Quick & Neat Alphabet Pad; Perfect for Elementary School Children; Each Workbook is 80 Pages Front & Back, 40 Sheets; Great Resource for Special Education | Blocks Aid Consistent Letter Size; Spacing Lines Guide Proper Spacing; Green Shade Helps Maintain Small Case Position and Creates a Guide for Writing Straight Sentences to Avoid Landslide Writing Style; Visual Approach Promotes Self-Correction If Writing Goes Outside Blocks | Color-Coded Blocks Support Upper and Lower Case Practice; Narrow Spacing Holds Punctuation Marks; Visual Guides Encourage Academic Discipline and Independent Student Work; Promotes Teaching and Practicing ABCs, Letters, Words, Numbers, and Penmanship | How to Use these 3-Step Workbooks: Step 1) Channie’s My First Letters Workbook Makes It Easy to Trace, Write, Color, and Learn the Alphabet; Step 2) Channie’s Easy Peasy Alphabet Tracing & Writing Workbook is a Fun Way to Practice Handwriting & Printing; Step 3) Channie’s Quick & Neat Alphabet Writing Pad has Blank Pages for Daily Practice of Handwriting & Printing | All Workbooks Have Strong Visual Color-Coded Double-Sided Paper Sheets That Don’t Rip or Tear Easily; They’re Perfect for the Classroom or Home Use and Simplify Handwriting, Teaching, and Learning Through a Visual Format and Self-Correction









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