Chewtab Toothpaste Tablets, Peppermint, Zero Waste Refillable Eco Friendly

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The Gentle Approach to Better Oral Health Our unique formula has no added abrasives. Toothpaste tablets that are rich in Xylitol. Perfect for every day use and travel. No unnecessary ingredients. Most toothpastes contain Silica (Silicon Dioxide). Silica is abrasive. Whitening teeth with abrasion provides a short-term benefit but may create enamel loss over the long term. Address the source of Plaque by starving Plaque Bacteria with Xylitol. Your Beneficial Bacteria can use Xylitol for nutrition so they thrive. Starve the Bad. Feed the Good. Use twice per day, while avoiding antimicrobials, creates an Alkaline mouth. An Alkaline mouth is a healthy mouth. Chew Brush Smile


Eco Packaging - 60 tablets. Reusable glass bottle. Refills available that are 3 x 60 count in plastic free packaging. | Non-GMO Xylitol toothpaste tablets. SLS free and Fluoride free. Available in Peppermint, Cinnamon, Bubble Gum and Vanilla Mint. | The only toothpaste tablets that do not contain Silica (Silicon Dioxide). Silica is highly abrasive. | No unnecessary ingredients or fillers. No harsh abrasives. Enamel safe | Natural ingredients. Made in America. Gentle on the planet. Gentle on teeth and gums.





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