Circuit Scribe Mini Kit - Create Your Own Circuits Instantly! Includes Everything You Need to Learn and Explore Basic Circuitry with Hands On Creativity - STEM Approved for Ages 8 to 80

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The newest (and smallest) member of the Circuit Scribe family is the mini kit! Featuring a miniature version of our conductive ink pen, it is an accessible introduction to electronics. The kit comes with a coin cell battery holder (which boosts the voltage to 5V), a slide potentiometer, and an LED. Explore basic circuit concepts by drawing conductive doodles, creating paper-based switches, and fading the LED on and off with the slider.


CIRCUIT SCRIBE SUCCESS – By putting the power of conductivity into a pen, Circuit Scribe makes the joy of creating circuits available to everyone who can doodle. And by everyone we mean you! | MINI KIT, MEGA FUN – Though small in size, this kit offers a complete and creative introduction to the world of circuitry. It’s perfect for beginners and young engineers. | ALL INCLUSIVE – The Circuit Scribe Mini Kit has everything you need right out of the box, including a miniature version of our famous, non-toxic, conductive silver ink pen. | EXPLORE, LEARN, CREATE – Sure, it’s fun, but as you build increasingly complicated circuits and switches, you’ll be learning about current flow, digital logic, and more through imaginative science. | PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS – Mini Kit includes 5V coin cell holder with battery, slide potentiometer, Bi-LED light, mini conductive ink pen, stencil, mini steel sheet, and instructions. 3 x 4 x 1 in. 1 lbs.









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