COCOFLOSS Coconut-Oil Infused Woven Dental Floss | Coconut | Dentist-Designed | Vegan and Cruelty-Free | 8 month Supply (32 Yds x 4 Units)

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World's Best Floss Dentist designed, high-performance, immediate results At COCOFLOSS, We take oral care seriously- even your dentist will thank you! Many dental practices and floss-lovers have joined the COCOFLOSS PARTY, here's our invite! Come floss with us! Ultra-Soft and Fibrous 500+ microfilaments in each strand, infused with naturally cleansing Coconut oil High-contrast turqoise textured floss. Exclusive to COCOFLOSS, you will see and feel immediate results You'll see loads of plaque removed contrast against our turquoise blue COCOFLOSS threads. For Optimal Use: Each COCOFLOSS unit is 32-yards. Flossing daily, using approximately 18" per day, Cocofloss will last two months. 100% Recycled Paper & Matte Finish It's important to us to be eco-friendly and sustainable. Outer box is made with 100% recycled paper and inner floss container may be recycled. What's In the Box Each box contains 32 yards of Cocofloss (2 month supply) Enjoy a 4-piece Cocofloss set and keep stocked for 8 months! Flexible and Strong Cocofloss easily fits between even the tightest spaces thanks to its soft, pliable shape and vegan wax coating. And it's strong enough not to rip or shred - even with the most aggressive flossing. Fun for Kids too Our fruity fragrances and super-gentle, durable weave will turn your tot into a floss boss for life. Our Flossophy Outcomes NOT conventions Quality NOT costs Motivating NOT boring Proactive NOT reactive care Come floss with us!


WORLD'S BEST DENTAL FLOSS: Woven with 500+ grime-grabbing fibers, Cocofloss gently scrubs away plaque, leaving smiles fresh and clean. Oh, and did we mention it smells like a vacation Relax and floss. | HEALTHY, NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Dentist designed and inspired by coconuts! Infused with naturally cleansing coconut oil and lightly coated with microcrystalline wax. | VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE: Fantastic floss is paraben-free, cruelty-free and vegan. There are no SLS (sulfate-free), PFAS (Perfluorooctanesulfonic acid), or pyrophosphates. | WHAT IT FEELS LIKE: Typical dental flosses are smooth and flat – trying to clean with them is like using a plastic bag to wash your dirty dishes. On the other hand, Cocofloss is textured with more surface area. Hundreds of filaments create a soft, fibrous surface that captures and removes more plaque. Cocofloss feels like a soft loofah for your smile. | FUN FOR KIDS TOO: Want to get kids excited about floss Give them fun floss options! Our fruity fragrances and super-gentle, durable weave will turn your tot into a floss boss for life.

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