Cooplay 2pcs Retractable Hardcover Knife Toy Plastic Fake Fun Trick Gadget Props Extension Fun Prank Friend for Halloween Fools Day Party

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Feature: Material: Plastic Color:Black Give that annoying person a tricky but harmless shock. Built-in spring to make the knife retractable and harmless. Great for fun and entertainment between friends. Trick Plastic Fake Retractable Knife,Blade disappears into the handle. NOT SHARP - Fools Everyone - Kids, Adults, Teens.


Not suitable for children under 14 years of age, please use the item responsibly | Blade can retract into the handle , Made of obtuse plastic, will do no harm on human body | You can fool your friends and make them laugh by playing this fake dagger | Ideal for Fancy Dress, Halloween, Theater Props, School Play, Tricks or Jokes | Package Included: 2x prank Retractable Knife(It may used for some water gun)

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