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To the makeup depotting and DIY lovers, they are keen to creat their own palettes,they always love to search different colors of eyeshadow ,lipstick ,foundation from different brands they loved , then they need a empty palette which has magnetic founction to fill into .Coosei pro makeup magnet palette contains different size ,This DBL001 is the Extrem Large size which has two sides design,which can hold 15pcs each sides and total 30pcs of eyeshadows with 1.42inch circle pan or much more smaller pans when you remove the divider.So it meets big quantity makeup pans organization and is a perfect gift for friends..It is made of cardboard and plastic magnet,all are enviromental material. it is very convient to carry and stable,not fragile ,especially for home using .please search Coosei for more choices.


1.Material: is made of strong cardboard and special paper material and magnet ,matte black color. | 2.Size: 9.84x5.19x0.87 inch;can fill 36pcs of 1.42inch circle metal eyeshadow pans at two sides or much more smaller eyeshadow pans | 3.Structure:double sides ,An enviromental plastic strong magnet cushion inside,so it can stick the metal pans tightly | 4.Fouction:DBL001 extrem large size palette is convinent for depotting lover collecting big quantity of kinds of favorite eyeshadow, makeup, lipstick,etc pans from different brands,DIY whose own palette.Refillable and can use for a long time .The ultimate tool for customizing and organizing makeup | 5.It is very strong and not fragile.Remains securely shut, no matter which side is facing up and Made in China





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