Cosmetic Grade, PURE KOKUM BUTTER 1 LB (16 oz) BLOCK. Best Price Highest Quality Bulk, Odor Free Alternative to Raw, Soft Butters. Ideal Hard Base for DIY Balms, Creams, Candle and Soap Making (INDIA)

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Buy Ancient Health Remedies Lowest Price, Best Quality, Authentic, KOKUM (GARCINIA INDICA) BUTTER 1 LB (16 oz) Bulk, 100% Pure Expelled Pressed, Best NON-GREASY Skincare Base for Beauty Care, Skin Moisturizing, DIY Base for Body Butters and Candles with Amazon's 'Satisfaction Guarantee allowing you to purchase with confidence and free Prime shipping. The oil is semi-solid at room temperatures, but melts on contact with living skin making it appealing for baby creams, sun care balms, hair products and other skin moisturizers. KOKUM BUTTER has a very similar consistency to MANGO BUTTER but instead adds more of a solid base to your DIY made Body Butters. Regarded a highly prized cosmetic emollient, KOKUM BUTTER is an exceptional base ingredient for skincare, hair care or virtually any other Body Butter product. Refined KOKUM BUTTER is the best alternative to popular, raw Body Butters with no unwanted smell. Excellent Ingredient Base for Cosmetics, Anti-Aging Cream, Babies Care Products, Beauty Products, Body Massage Oils, Body Lotion Making, Body Moisturizers, Handmade Body Butter Moisturizers, Candle Making, Healing Salves, Lip Balms, Organic Skincare Beauty Products, Natural Hair Products, Organic Shampoo, Stretch Cream and Whipped Body Butter Products. EVERYONE should use Ancient Health Remedies KOKUM BUTTER for healthy, youthful and pleasant feeling skin. Try yours today...hassle free, money back guaranteed and best legitimate price on From Ancient Health Remedies', a company dedicated to the research and manufacture of the most successful, organic ancient health remedies of all time.


*BUYING AN ANCIENT HEALTH REMEDIES AUTHENTIC KOKUM (GARCINIA INDICA) BUTTER 1 LB BLOCK is the healthiest and most affordable alternative to raw Body Butters used in treating Acne, Anti Aging, Dry, Itchy Skin, Chapped Lips, Frostbite, Psoriasis, Rashes, Stretch Marks, Sunburn and more. FREE 8 X 8 QUALITY 2 ML ZIP LOCK STORAGE BAG INCLUDED WITH EACH PURCHASE. | *ODOR FREE EMOLLIENT, RICH, CREAMY, NON- GREASY, VEGAN AND READY TO USE for topical body use or rich ingredient base for homemade 'Do It Yourself' body butter recipes. Ideal for Baby Care Products, Candle Making, Homemade Body Butters, Organic Skin Creams, Massage Lotions, Skin & Hair Moisturizing, Sunscreens and Soap Making. | *THE KOKUM (GARCINIA INDICA) TREE IS AN ANCIENT FRUIT BEARING TREE NATIVE TO ASIA. It's an indigenous tree of the tropical rain forests of the western ghats of south India. Kokum Butter is a prized ingredient that is similar in hardness to Cocoa Butter popularly used in Candle Making, Cosmetics, Ointments and Soap Making. | *DIRECT FROM ANCIENT HEALTH REMEDIES , ORIGINAL MANUFACTURER OF THE POPULAR 1 LB BODY BUTTER BLOCK IN KRAFT BAGS ON AMAZON. Easy to measure and sealed twice in a high quality Kraft Foil bag to preserve maximum healing benefits. We continue to revolutionize contributions to the organic skincare industry with years of research and consumer friendly packaging solutions. | *ETHICALLY SOURCED PROVIDING FINANCIAL EMPOWERMENT FOR FAMILIES IN INDIA- Garcinia Indica Kernel Seeds are collected fair trade from local farmers and tribes providing economical sustainability in poor agricultural communities









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