Crackled Kingdom Trump Marker/Indicator - Allows You to Show Others What Trump is While Playing Pinochle, Bridge, Euchre and Other Card Games - Includes 1

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This Crackled Kingdom Trump Marker/Indicator has a unique cracked pattern printed on all of the sides with alternating red and black patterns to help highlight the pip. Not only do we include the pip, but each side includes text to explain "what trump is". Part of the "Whatabe" family the Crackled Kingdom measures about 5 inches long by 3/4". Small enough to fit in a purse, easy enough for travel but big enough to see when it is across the table. So the next time you sit down for a night of playing Euchre or any other card game that requires your guest to know "What's Trump" be sure to set your Crackled Kingdom Marker out to help. Great for card games like euchre, bridge, etc. Printed in the Circleville, Ohio by Newt's Games & Cards. Playing cards not included. Includes one (1) trump marker


Includes One (1) Trump Marker | Small enough for Your Pocket or Travel - Measures ~3/4" x 5" | Crackled Design that Includes Pips (Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds and Spades) | Made in Circleville, Ohio - A 'Whatabe' Design | Great Way to Let Others know what is "trump"









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