Dental Tools Stainless Steel Dental Pick Dental Floss Dental Hygiene Tool Set Tooth Scraper Plaque Tartar Remover Dental Tweezers Gum Floss for Personal Oral Care & Pet Use (6 Pack)

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More Professional Dental Tools, Make Living Healthier, Brighter, Fresher! Best Assistant for Better Living! Many times you feel difficult to clean your teeth with toothbrush, dental floss or dental tape. This dental tools set will be your best assistant to clean the build up on your teeth and gum. Made of Surgical Stainless Steel! The whole new generation of Epartswide Dental Tools Set is made of surgical stainless steel. It is very strong for daily using on people or dogs. Durable for years! Come with a handy leather case! Come with a handy leather case for travel and storage. Package include dental probe/dental pick/toothpick, dental tweezer, mouth mirror, sickle scaler, hoe dental scaler, tartar remover/tartar scraper. #1 Dentist Recommended Dental Tools! This 6 Pack Dentist Prepared Tools Kit is popular in USA dental hospitals. Because of easy-to-use and high quality, they treat this one as Priority Recommended! 5 Year Warranty, Unique Store As You Know! We offer 5 Year Warranty so that make sure you can safely enjoy this excellent dental hygiene tools set with nothing to lose. Please buy with confidence. What you will get: 1 Dental mouth mirror 1 Dental tweezer 1 Dental probe 1 Hoe Shape Tooth Scraper 1 Sickle Shape Tooth Scrape 1 Dental Stain Remover 1 Handy Leather Case Your Search for Best Dental Tools is finally over. Now, Click "Buy Now" button to place your order, and get it within 1-3 days!


??Do you search for the best professional dental cleaning tools This 6 pack stainless steel dental tools set will be your best choice! The most complete dental cleaning tools provide deeply teeth cleaning, allow you to take care of teeth easily and inexpensively! | Many times you don't want to waste much money on seeing dentist. Now, this dental tools set can easily help you to care the teeth as a pro at home. 100% useful teeth cleaning tools, your best choice! | ??This dental tools set Instead of toothbrush, water flosser, these stainless steel teeth cleaning tools will be more effective for people and pet dogs. | ?? Dental tools are position in zippered on-the-go storage bag. protect your tools from being scratched, thus prolonging the life span, also convenient to carry when travelling. | You Will Get: 6 Pack Professional Dental Tools; 1 Pack Leather Case; 1000+ Days Warranty. Worth Every Cent! If product broken or no work well, email us in your order page, we will provide free replacement or full refund warranty! Don't miss this great product! Buy now and enjoy it tomorrow!

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