Dinosaur Slime Kit for Boys - Stretchiest Slime Kit, Easy-to-Clean Fun Slime for Kids, 12 Colors & Dinosaur Toys - Everything in ONE for Ultimate, Premade, DIY, Foamy, Stretchy Slime 38pc

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hy You'll Love This Slime Kit Set!: -We have the COOLEST Slime Kit Set & it is Kid friendly, Parent Approved, Non Toxic and EASY clean up! Your child will have LOADS of FUN while you don't have to worry about a mess of slime! -Our NEW set includes MORE slime accessories to keep your kids happy and entertained! They'll learn to mix colors, be creative and play with dinosaurs! -It makes the PERFECT gift for any child ready for fun! The MORE they play with the slime the STRETCHIER it gets!verything Youl Need! Finding a good toy or gift for your child can be a struggle at times! Thankfully we have the Ultimate slime making kit for any girl or boy above 6 years old! All the slime stuff, slime supplies, slime, foam, clear, rainbow and glitter they will need. Make your own slime! The best DIY kit is the one that keeps the kids happy and your home clean! AQ: Q: How does the slime FeelA: The crystal clear slime is very soft and gets more stretchy the MORE you play with it. Kids and parents will love the feeling because it not unpleasantly sticky


?? MAKE KIDS HAPPY + WE DONATE - What kid doesn’t love dinosaurs and slime? We have it all together to make your kids really happy and for them to express their creativity with our Slime Kit. Stretch the slime, squeeze it, poke, squish, swirl, let it drip or ooze! Give your little angels something truly amusing while helping in their development & creative thinking. With EVERY purchase, we personally donate a portion to Share Our Strength to help hungry kids! | ?? WHERE SCIENCE AND FUN MIX TOGETHER - 6, 7, 8+ year old kids get bored really easily, so our slime making kit is the perfect gift for your kids to keep them busy with our variety of slimes. They will not only get curious about the materials used in the slime maker kit, but they will also have fun while avoiding using technology and the harmful smartphones & tablets. Make slime shapes that are unseen, have fun, stretch, bounce or sculpt like all the other cool YouTubers do! | ?? EVERYTHING IN ONE BOX - Our ultimate kids slime kit includes 12 slime colors & containers, 12 dinosaur toys, 4 foam bags, 4 glitter bottles, 3 fish bowl beads, 2 slime eggs and 1 set of tools. Perfect Slime Kit for Boys and Girls. This also makes it the perfect slime making set gift idea. | ?? PARENTS & KID APPROVED - No more disappointing slime fail kits! Our Slime is ready to play with, SAFE and BORAX FREE! Not only will your kids have fun and be safe but it won’t make a mess around your home! We have run extensive tests on our kids slime kit and are confident that we have the best slime science set for kids on Amazon. | 100% SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK - We are USA based small company with a goal to support the happiness and growth of kids! We are confident your kid will love our Dinosaur Slime Kit or your money back! So, get this slime science kit now RISK-FREE.









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