Discovery Kids 6" Plasma Globe Lamp with Interactive Electronic Touch and Sound Sensitive Lightning and Tesla Coil, Includes AC Adapter, Glass STEM Lava Lamp-Style Light for Desk, Kids Room, and More

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Interactive light and electric waves

The Discovery Plasma Orb is equal parts fascinating and educating! Watch as the colorful tendrils of light jump around on their own, then follow your touch or voice, responding to physical contact, speaking, or even music! Place your fingertip on the glass surface and watch the pink and purple strands of light gather around your finger in an amazing combination of science and art!

Learn about plasma, noble gases, and electric currents

Great as a STEM display, the Discovery Plasma Orb teaches about physics and chemistry! The plasma floating around the orb is a mix of noble gases, and display the visible tendrils of light when the electrode at the center emits alternating electric currents. Placing your hand on the glass creates a discharge path with less resistance than the glass and plasma, hence why the light is drawn to your touch!

Great for older children and adults

Intended for use by older children and adults, the Discovery Plasma Orb is educational and requires safety precautions for use. Please read the enclosed instruction manual to ensure safe operation. Do not operate on a metal surface. Do not touch the orb with wet or damp fingers or body parts. Clean with dry cloth. Avoid touching orb or staring at orb light for prolonged periods of time.


Fascinating electric waves respond to touch and sound

Educational orb teaches about noble gases and electricity

Powered by included wall adapter - no batteries required

Package Includes:

Plasma orb

Power adapter

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MESMERIZING INTERACTIVE LIGHT: The Discovery Plasma Orb emits electric currents that dance energetically around the inside of the globe! Place your fingers on the globe's surface and watch as the tendrils of light follow your touch! | PLASMA LIGHT RESPONDS TO TOUCH AND SOUND: The tendrils of light appear in shades of pink and purple and react to both touch and sound. The built-in sound sensor responds to your voice, music, and other sound effects, so try speaking or playing your favorite songs for an out-of-this-world experience! | EDUCATIONAL STEM TOY - LEARN ABOUT GASES AND ELECTRICITY: Learn about noble gases and their interaction with electricity with the educational Discovery Plasma Orb! The Tesla coil in the center emits high voltage alternating electric currents through the plasma, composed of noble gases. This combination produces the exciting colorful effects you can see, because your touch creates a discharge path for the electricity and light to follow. | POWERED VIA INCLUDED 12V ADAPTER: No batteries are required for operation of the Discovery Plasma Orb. Simply connect the lamp to a wall outlet with the included power adapter and watch as the lamp sparks to life! | FOR AGES 14+: The plasma orb is not a toy and is intended for older children. Do not operate the orb on a metal surface. Do not touch the orb's surface with wet or damp hands or body parts. Do not touch the orb for prolonged periods of time. Please read all warnings and safety information in the enclosed instruction manual to ensure safe operation.







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