DISCOVERY KIDS Digital Coin-Counting Money Jar with LCD Screen, Keeps Track of Balance, Twist Off Lid, US Currency, Battery Operated (Gray)

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A NIFTY LITTLE BANK FOR CHILDREN OF ALL AGES Surprise them with the Discovery Kids Automatic Coin-Counting Money Jar and watch their hard-earned cash pile up while keeping track of their finances! MATHEMATICAL FUN FOR EVERYONE The money jar's intuitive design features a built-in digital LCD display and add/subtract buttons that monitors how many coins are placed in or taken out of the transparent container. A convenient twist-off lid makes retrieving pennies, dimes, nickels, and quarters easy for boys and girls! GREAT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY Your child will have a blast depositing their coins into the money jar while parents can enjoy seeing good financial and spending habits develop over time! Features: Easy To Read Digital LCD Display Built-In Automatic Coin Counter Twist Off Lid For Easy Coin Retrieval Transparent Jar To Keep Track Of Savings Accepts All U.S. Circulated Coins (Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters, Half Dollar, and Dollar Coins) Add Coin/Subtract Coin Buttons AAA Battery Operation (Batteries Not Included) Package Includes: Coin Counting Money Jar Instruction Guide What Are You Waiting ForClick dd to CartNOW While Supplies Last!


TEACH CHILDREN SAVE THEIR HARD-EARNED MONEY with the Discovery Kids Automatic Coin-Counting Money Jar! This interactive little bank stores all their loose change while keeping track on how much they’re saving up! It's the perfect holiday or Christmas gift for any child! | MAKE MATH FUN: The Automatic Coin-Counting Money Jar is a functional, educational, and engaging way for boys and girls to learn the basics of addition and subtraction! Your child can pass their coins through the lid’s coin slot and the digital LCD display shows off how much they saved! Ready to withdraw? Children can also add or remove as many coins from the jar and then press the add/subtract buttons to reveal the total amount of change placed in or taken out. | CHILD FRIENDLY BANKING: The money jar’s transparent container allows your children to view all their savings at a glance while the twist off lid makes retrieving their coins simple and hassle free. | ACCEPTS ALL U.S. CIRCULATED CURRENCY: The Coin-Counting Money Jar takes pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollar coins! | START GOOD FINANCIAL HABITS within your children today thanks to this nifty battery operated automatic money jar! It’s an enjoyable way to have your child learn about the importance of saving and makes a great gift for any special event!









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