Discovery Kids DIY Toy Model Engine Kit, Mechanic Four Cycle Internal Combustion Assembly Construction, Comes W/Valves, Cylinders, Hardware & Much More, Encourages STEM Creativity/Critical Thinking

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SPARK THEIR IMAGINATIONS Does your child dream about creating the next greatest inventionWant a fun, exciting way to keep them entertainedINTRODUCING THE DISCOVERY KIDS DIY TOY MODEL ENGINE KIT Let your kid get their hands on this DIY mini replica of a classic four cycle internal combustion gasoline car engine! This intuitive, engaging gadget allows children to play around with the valves, cylinders, cranks, and pistons all in one kit. It also delivers powerful action using the provided cables and battery pack distributor for nonstop fun! Features: Interconnecting hardware/components allow DIY construction Kit shows off basic features of a four cycle internal combustion gasoline engine Made w/ durable plastic Battery operated (batteries not included) Package Includes: 8 Timing Cams 4 Piston Pins 4 Connecting Rods 8 Piston Halves 1 Crankshaft 4 Connecting Rod Keepers (big end) 1 Oil Pan 1 Lower Crankcase 1 Engine Mounting Stand 1 Cylinder Block 1 Head Gasket 1 Lower Cylinder Head 8 Rocker Arms 5 Bearings 1 Rocker Arm Cover 1 Timing Gear 1 Timing Wheel 1 Positioning Jig 1 Belt Tensioning Pulley 1 Timing Belt Cover 1 Rear Half Water Pump 1 Front Half Water Pump 1 Fan Pulley 1 Fan 1 Crankshaft Pulley 1 Flywheel Clutch 1 Clutch Housing 1 Carburetor Bowl 1 Intake Manifold 1 Carburetor Cover 1 Exhaust Manifold 1 Dipstick 2 Washers (7 mm) 1 Shaft (3 mm, 156 mm long) 1 Shaft (3 mm, 206 mm long/half round) 1 Fan Belt 1 Timing Belt (Green) 8 Valve Springs 1 Distributor Assembly 1 Drive Module 1 Battery Pack 67 Screws Instruction Manual


LET YOUR CHILDREN GET HANDS ON with the Discovery Kids DIY Toy Model Engine Kit! This mini replica of a classic four cycle internal combustion gasoline car engine teaches young minds all about the wonderful world of mechanical engineering in one immersive set. It's the perfect holiday or Christmas gift for any child! | ALL THE TOOLS THEY NEED TO SUCCEED: Your child will have a great time constructing this comprehensive model engine toy! Tinker with the cranks, pulleys, belts, and exhaust valves to make this little gadget come to life right in front of their eyes! | REV IT UP: Deliver the action of a classic car engine thanks to the powerful pistons and interactive cables! Simply plug the cables to the battery pack distributor and watch the engine fans turn around! | DEVELOP THEIR CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS: The Discovery Kids DIY Toy Model Engine Kit will encourage young boys and girls to expand their creativity, think logically, and even refine their motor skills all at once! | MAKE THE WORLD OF STEM AMAZING for your children with this intuitive and engaging kit! It makes science, mechanical engineering, and even technology exciting from start to finish!









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