Disposable Unflavored Oral Care Sponge Swabs,Quincunx Blue (50 Count)

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Excellent Quality: ??Wellgler's All material is medical grade, latex free and no smell. ??the oral care swabs are soft with high water absorption,it is proved to be more effective to achieve easier removal of particles and mucus from the oral cavity. ?? We use new technology to joint the sponge and the PP handle to ensure its durability and for that our handle is firm enough that won't be broken easily. The sponge will not came off in the mouth even biting down. Features : -High quality, durable and safe -Disposable for convenient and portable use. -Safe, soft, sterile and unflavored oral swabs -100% Non-abrasive sponge foam head Applications: -Children oral care -Adult oral care -Oral Care for the Elderly -Elderly and sick patients -In some cases for the pet mouth cleaning. Package: 50swabs/box Warm Tips: If you are not satisfied with product quality, We promise to refund or replacement. For more quantity color and shape of oral care sponge please visit our ?? wellgler Storefront


Our mouth swabs sponge is individually wrapped for hygiene. A box includes 50 PCS | The tooth care swabs are made of 100% chemical free material, sterile and unflavored | The swabs are both ideal for elderly and pets' dental care, cleaning the food debris and mucus | The no abrasive mouth cleaning sponge is the best choice for those need extra oral care, such as people with brace | the special plum flower shape -designed dental swabs can make the mouth more clean



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