DIY Crystal Clay Slime Kit for Girls Boys, Ohuhu 65Pack Slime Making Kit with Supplies, 24 Crystal Slime, 8 Light Clays, Glitter, Slice, Foam Balls, Sprinkles, Bead, Sugar Paper, Container (36 Colors)

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There are so many fun toys out there, but nothing is such a great combination of fun, safe, reusable and educational as the Ohuhu slime kit! Dive into an assortment of mold shapes such as animals, fruits, and houses, and decorate with dazzling sparkles to add extra shine.
Your kids will learn all sorts of things from this set, such as colors, shapes, names of things, and not to mention how to share and play with others. It's even fun for adults as something to get playful with, a stress-relief solution or to get creative with. Give the gift of healthy, creative fun with the immersive Theefun slime set!

For better stretching performance, please stretch the slime slowly.
You can even blow slime bubbles with the 24-colored crystal using a straw (not included).
Please wash your hands after playing with slime.
Please play with the slime on a clean and smooth surface and avoid contact with carpets and clothing.

Package Contents
24 different colored slimes,
8 different colored light clays,
4 bags of foam balls,
2 bags of fruit slices,
2 bags of plastic sprinkles,
2 empty bottles,
2 bags of beads,
4 bags of sugar paper,
12 packs of glitter,
5 empty containers


DELUXE SLIME SET: It’s a world of fun in one dazzling kit! Included in every box are 24 crystal slimes, 8 light clays, 2 bags of plastic sprinkles, 2 packs of empty bottles, 4 packs of foam balls, 2 bags of beads, 2 packs of fruit slices, 12 packs of glitter and 5 empty containers. | FUN & EDUCATIONAL: How cool is it that you can have a toy that is fun and develops your kids’ skills at the same time? Kids will improve everything from hand-eye coordination to learning colors, shapes and sharing! They’ll use the molds to create all sorts of imaginative creations—from animals, cars, fruits and more. | NO MESS, ONLY FUN: If you want to save the slime for later, we’ve included bottles and containers so you can play next time. You’ll keep the slime nice and fresh for the next time, and mess-free, too! | GREAT GIFT IDEA: No child can resist the dazzling colors, tactile play and sparkling fun of this slime kit! From birthdays to Christmas and everything in between, you can’t go wrong with slime! Great Valentine's Day gift for kids now. | NON-TOXIC AND COMPLETELY SAFE: Nothing is more important than safety for your and your kids. You won’t have to worry because this kit is made of inert materials, without borax powder and is certified by ASTM, so it’s completely safe to play with. Note that children under 5 years should be supervised when playing. Keep away from infants and prevent them from swallowing the slime.

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