DLUCKY Invisible Ink Pen,Spy Pen Invisible Disappearing Ink Pen with UV Light Magic Marker for Secret Message and Kids Party Christmas Halloween Easter Goodies Bags Toy 7Pcs

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HOW ARE THESE MADEThe caps each have a light in them with a paper tab to remove when it is time to use one. The top has a little light in it that if you press a button on the side, the light goes on. The pen itself is white like a marker type. HOW DO THESE WORKThe pens write clear- almost a tiny tinge of green like glow in the dark paint tends to be. It allows you to see a little of what you are writing. When you turn the cap on- the writing lights up and it is very easy to read. DO THESE WORK UNDER BLACKLIGHTYes, if you were to decorate something that you plan to have in a blacklight room (halloween, lessons, parties, etc), the writing will show up when the blacklights come on. It would be great for a mystery theater too. HOW POPULAR WERE THESEThe kids LOVE these. It keeps them busy for a little while anyway. They also made a nice prize for games. THE BOTTOM LINE A great item to have on hand for a variety of reasons- from kids and parties, to mystery theaters, these markers are delightful. I love the colors they come in too- the writing is all the same, just the outside is different.


Spy Pen:The ink is invisible after you write with it,unless you light on the cap blacklight to see the secret message perfectly. | Invisible Ink Pen: Harmless and tasteless ink, healthy toy for your kids! Smooth and colorful disappearing inks on t-shirts, paper, skin and any surface! Permanent but washable! With 7 Pcs in the bag, you can easily host a kid's birthday party favors stocking stuffer, treasure hunt,escape room,or classroom activity complete with invisible ink clues! | Exciting Spy Activities For Kids: Kids will love these spy pens. Kids love using this kind of pen to keep their secret and play detective spy games. Invisible pen brings you an amazing variety of fun activities. From Surprise birthday parties, to revealing a top secret message to their parents or grandparents. | Great Gift for Fun Party Goodies:Perfect for the RSVP's to wedding invitations;Goody bags for kids spy party;Make a fun party favor;Great goddie bag treat and brings you an amazing variety of fun applications.Birthday Gifts,Halloween Gifts,Christmas Presents for kids and friends.Kids love using this kind of pen to keep their secret and play detective spy games. Schools, teachers can buy it for students for a school activity.Add it for any surprise gift bag or as a kids stocking stuffers. | Package includes: 7 invisible magic pens,built-in UV lights. Batteries included and installed.they each had a pull tab to save battery life.Be careful with small items: children over 3 years.









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