Dr Dingus Tiny Hands (1 Pair) - Novelty Joke Fun - Small Mini 3 Inch Hands up Sleeves - Makes Anyone Laugh

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There isn't anything particularly funny about a person's hands. Unless, of course, they're about five times too small for their body. Introducing, Dr Dingus Tiny Hands. Make your friends laugh with creepy and hilarious Tiny Hands. The set includes one right and one left hands so you can make a silly salute, give a hilarious high-five, and maybe even pop some bubbles on the Lawrence Welk show.Just pop on a long sleeve shirt and grip the ball handles with the hands your mama gave you to make the switcheroo. Now it's time to find a partner and play a ridiculous game of pattycake. We pride ourselves on our high-quality product with colorful, branded packaging, making it into an exciting gift. Specifications: 6.25" long (4.25" hand + 2" handle) 1 x right hand, 1 x left hand per set Material: Plastic 100% awesomely creepy


FUN - Guaranteed laughs for the whole family. | High Quality - Made with high quality plastic material to last. | Realistic - Improved design and color, just mini. | PACKAGING - Specialty, colorful branded packaging makes an ideal gift they will love | 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Feel free to return product if your wish









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