Duddy-Cam Fidget Pad - Perfect for Skin Picking - Anxiety and Stress Relief - Fidget Toy - Black - Children and Adults

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The Gamer Experience Boredom is a common complaint among kids and adults in our technological era. And what do we do to resolve itSpend unlimited hours in front of screens. Our fidget pad substitutes screen time with an ingenious alternative. This hand-sized 'joystick' gadget keeps fidgety fingers going, long after leaving the screen. You can actually minimize kids' couch potato time and let them take this inventive device everywhere they go.and the most important, that at last, they go somewhere! Find creative solutions! An edgy child today can result in a complex adult in the future! Research shows that the actions of fingers fidgeting with different movements such as clicking, flipping, switching and rubbing actually reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress in both kids and adults. Is your child easily distracted at schoolInstead of fidgeting with pencils, sharpeners, and erasers or tapping on their desks, offer them this cool pad - specially designed to increase focus for kids with a short attention span. A recent study by Katherine Isbister, professor of Computational Media at the University of California, Santa Cruz concluded that in contrast to spinners, which require a visual contact and might be distracting to other kids, "fidget items are more classroom-ready and less distracting". O R D E R N O W We are committed to providing you excellence and satisfaction. If you are not happy with our product, we will refund 100% of your money. We are back in stock! Order your fidget pad today before they run out. Order a pad for each family member, and they won't stop thanking you!


ALL IN ONE FIDGET PAD TOY – Today we understand the destructive consequences of a child’s unlimited access to video screens. Keeping your kids off the screen while not having them drive you up the wall is the greatest challenge for a caring parent. But where there’s a will there's a way! With our fidget pad toy no one will be bored. Clicking, twisting, turning, rubbing and shifting are fun activities that will occupy your child and keep him/her off the screen. | ? FROM CLASSROOM TO BOARDROOM, STAY FOCUSED– Knee shaking, pen clicking, popping bubble wrap - some kids and adults just can't get enough of fidgeting. The problem is these movements can drive your collogues and friends away. Our fidget toy pad was deigned to control common fidgeting impulses. This fidget toy pad allows you to roll, glide, flip, switch and so on, while staying focused on your task and without annoying the people around you. | ? AN EASY WAY TO KEEP CALM ANYWHERE – whether you are going grocery shopping with your little ones, waiting in line at the amusement park or waiting in the doctor's office, this fidget toy pad will keep their fingers going, so that everybody can keep their cool. | ?? CARRY THE JOYSTICK ANYWHERE – Most children spend lengthy hours glued to the joystick and the screen, causing deficiencies in communication and concentration skills. Our fidget pad provides your child with the familiar joystick-like actions without burning out their brain with video games. Studies shows that kids experience the same sensory effect with this fidget pad as they do with an actual joystick. | ?? A WINNING GIFT IDEA – Picking a gift can be a challenging task. This pocket-sized toy makes the best present with its multiple tactile surfaces. With this present you can’t go wrong, as it lets you flip, roll, click, rub, spin and glide over, to your heart's content.

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