Electric Toothbrush Charger Replacement HX6100 Charging Base for Philips Sonicare Toothbrush Electric Flosser, HX3000 / HX6000 / HX8000 / HX9000 Series Portable Waterproof Power Cord by LAP POW

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LAP POW Electric Toothbrush Replacement Charger for Philips Sonicare Compatible model (Please use "Ctrl + F" to find your model) Philips Sonicare HX3000 Series Electric Toothbrushes: HX3100 HX3110 HX3120 HX3130 HX3216 HX3226 Philips Sonicare HX6000 Series Electric Toothbrushes: HX6210 HX6211 HX6212 HX6213 HX6215 HX6220 HX6225 HX6231 HX6235 HX6250 HX6254 HX6263 HX6311 HX6312 HX6320HX6321 HX6322 HX6330 HX6411 HX6431 HX6500 HX6511 HX6512 HX6530 HX6610 HX6616 HX6631 HX6632 HX6640 HX6710 HX6711 HX6712 HX6720 HX6721 HX6730 HX6731 HX6732 HX6733 HX6750 HX6760 HX6761 HX6780 HX6781 HX6782 HX6803 HX6807 HX6808 HX6809 HX6810 HX6820 HX682P HX6830 HX684P HX6851 HX6853 HX6855 HX6856 HX685J HX6897 HX6902 HX6910 HX6911 HX6912 HX6920 HX6921 HX6930 HX6932 HX6933 HX6942 HX6950 HX6952 HX6962 HX6970 HX6972 HX6980 HX6992 HX6993 Philips Sonicare HX8000 Series Electric Flosser: HX8111 HX8140 HX8211 HX8240 HX8255 Philips Sonicare HX8000 Series Electric Toothbrushes: HX8910 HX8911 HX8920 HX8962 Philips Sonicare HX9000 Series Electric Toothbrushes: HX9112 HX9140 HX9141 HX9150 HX9160 HX9172 HX9182 Philips Sonicare R Series Electric Toothbrushes: Philips Sonicare R710Philips Sonicare R732Philips Sonicare RS910Philips Sonicare RS930Philips Sonicare RS950 Package Included1 Electric Toothbrush Charger Base Tips 1>Please unplug your toothbrush from the charger when fully charged. 2>If your toothbrush unused for quite a while, please get it fully charged before use. In this case, charging suggested period is at least 15 to 30 hours. 3> This charger base has been test to ensure that it will work with Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrushes listed. Please note that this charger will not work with Philips Sonicare E-Series and DiamondClean Series toothbrushes.


[Wide Compatibility] Commonly used in Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush & Flosser models: HX3100 HX3110 HX3216 HX3226 HX6210 HX6220 HX6225 HX6231 HX6250 HX6263 HX6311 HX6320 HX6411 HX6431 HX6500 HX6511 HX6530 HX682P HX684P HX6902 HX6910 HX6911 HX6912 HX6920 HX6921 HX6930 HX6932 HX6933 HX6942 HX6950 HX6952 HX6962 HX6970 HX6972 HX6980 HX6992 HX6993 HX8111 HX8140 HX8211 HX8240 HX8255 HX8910 HX8911 HX8920 HX8962 HX9112 HX9140 HX9141 HX9150 HX9160 HX9172 HX9182 R710 R732 RS910 RS930 RS950 | [Waterproof Base] Fully sealed and waterproof design, this Philips Electric toothbrush charger is made of insulated ABS material, IP67 grade waterproof and dust-proof. Easy to clean and it can be used in the bathroom and other humid environments. If it drops into the water and it won't be damaged and still works. | [Easy to Use with Safety Induction Charging] This Philips electric toothbrush charger is very easy to use and it is inductively charged. Put it down and charge it, pick up and automatic power off. So you can charger your electric toothbrush more convenient and safer. | [Get Your Toothbrush Model Checked] The pictures show clearly about the shape of our electric toothbrush charger mount. If you are not sure whether our charger is compatible with your Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush models, please get an idea from our product picture or you can contact us for help. | [Warranty Guaranteed] Product refund period is 30 days, 12-month warranty and lifetime professional product technical support are provided as well. Having any question about our product, please contact us to get the quick answer.





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