ElmerS Snow Slime Kit | Slime Supplies Include Clear Liquid Glue, White Liquid Glue, Magical Liquid Slime Activator, Instant Snow Packets, 9 Count

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Youl be singing et it Snow, let it Snow, let it Snow,when you create slime with the elmer Snow slime kit. This inclusive kit includes everything you need to create slime that feels like snow. Inside youl find 2 bottles of elmer clear school glue (for slime that, when stretched, shows a web of snowflakes and feels like a snowball) and 2 bottles of elmer white school glue (for slime that has Wisps of falling snowflakes when stretched). youl also receive a bottle of magical liquid slime activator, featuring an all-in-one formula that turns glue into slime. Finally, 4 packets of elmer Snow powder fluff up your snow slime like snowballs. Capture the Magic of falling snow with elmer!


Everything you need to make two types of wintery snow Slime | Elmer's liquid glue is Washable, safe, nontoxic - great for kids | Magical liquid is an all-in-one formula that eliminates the need for contact lens solution and baking soda or other additives | Elmer's snow powder fluffs up your slime like snowballs | Slime kit includes: 2 bottles Elmer's clear School glue, 2 bottles Elmer's white School glue, 1 bottle Elmer's magical liquid Slime activator, 4 instant snow Packets (assorted sizes)









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