Elmer's GUE Pre Made Slime, Fruity Slushie Crunchy Slime, Scented, 2 Count

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Put away the mixing bowls and spatulas and discover the fun of Elmer Gue! It a premade slime that comes ready to play with right out of its slime container. Experience juicy, fruity scents with this Fruity Slushie batch. And the foam beads inside give it a satisfying crunch! Stretch it, squish it, twist it; explore all the fun ways to play with Elmer Gue!


Premade slime, ready to play right out of the container | All play, no work | Fruit-scented crunchy slime with foam beads | Safe, nontoxic | Contains 2 containers of Fruity Slushie Gue

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