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Flend Mini Facial Epilator for Women provides easy and comfortable epilation for all areas of the body to remove unwanted hair, leaving the body skin smooth for up to 4 weeks.

Features of the smooth glide epilator for women face
?? The moderate rotation speed can even make it easy for beginners without having to arrange and wait for salon appointments.
?? Flend professional hair epilation, no harm and no stimulation to the skin, efficiently remove unwanted hair and bring you silky skin from head to foot.
?? The built-in super light LED for the smooth glide epilator for women face, which will automatically turn on, reveals even the finest hairs for extra-thorough hair removal.
?? The smooth glide epilator for women face is anti-slip design, easy to control the smooth glide epilator and grip the machine body comfortably.
?? Mini and portable design comes with a storage bag, and easy to carry your facial epilator anytime and anywhere.
?? This hair remover includes a small cleaning brush, which helps to remove loose hairs.

Some tips to make the smooth glide epilator for women face efficiently and painlessly
?? To remove after a hot water bath for around 15 minutes. At this time the pores are dilated, and the pain is minimized.
?? Hold the skin taut with your other hand, it would help the hairs come out easier and noticeably, reducing the discomfort you feel.
?? Hold the facial epilators at 90° for maximum skin and move slowly at gliding it along with your skin contact at all times. But please against the growth direction of the hair.
?? After depilation, please moisturize the skin with some gentle and low chemical content body lotion.
?? Recommending using the smooth glide epilator for women face in the evening. Because your anti-pain hold may be higher and if you get red bumps on your skin they can settle overnight.

Package: Epilator x1, Storage Bag x1, Manual x1, Clean Brush x1.



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