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??Flend smooth glide epilator for women face, cordless & portable, smooth your skin for weeks, perfect for bikini, underarms, hands and legs.

??Features of Flend Facial Epilator
??1. Equipped with 36 tweezers can strongest and fastest epilate and remove even the shortest hairs by the root, precise and thorough epilate gives you smooth skin for up to 4 weeks.
??2. Smart Light Design, this epilator built-in LED light makes you even won't miss a hair, and auto-open LED light helps you epilate at any time.
??3. Cordless and portable smooth glide epilator, ideal for traveling and outings. Exquisite looks, comfortable touch.
??4. Dual speed settings for better hair removal performance. Low speed: For safe removal of finer hairs in sensitive areas. High speed: For extra effective epilation of coarser hairs on legs and arms.
??5. Rubber hair comb and mat, rubber hair combs and pads can relieve pain when using the epilator and make shaving smoother.
??6. Washable epilator head and the detachable cutter bit shell makes it easy to clean, just wipe gently with the attached cleaning brush and it will be clean immediately.
??7. USB Rechargeable, you can use any USB interface to charge the epilator, the charging cable is included.

??Facial epilator using tips
1. Before epilating, it is recommended that you apply warm compresses. After epilation, you can apply cold compresses to relieve pain.
2. Hold the facial epilator at 90Degree for maximum skin and move slowly at gliding it along with your skin contact at all times. But please against the growth direction of the hair.
3. After depilation, please moisturize the skin with some gentle and low chemical content body lotion.
4. For beginners of epilators, we recommend that you try the epilator on the back of your hand and you will feel that minor changes will decrease over time.

Packing list: 1*Epilator for women, 1*USB Cable, 1*Cleaning Brush, 1*Manual



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