EverSmile OrthoChews Medical Grade Silicone Chew with Comfort Bite Technology | Dental Aligner Seater, Chewies for Invisalign, Clear or Metal Braces | Help to Seat your Aligners Trays (2 Pack)

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A Must-Have for Invisalign users! If you are new to wearing Invisalign or if you are switching to a new aligner, these dental chews are the perfect solution for you! The quatrefoil shaped OrthoChews is designed for patients undergoing orthodontic treatment with orthodontic aligners or braces. Using these chewy tubes will help you to make sure the aligner trays and retainers are positioned correctly onto your teeth, making your invisible aligners more comfortable. Get the most out of your treatment! Your orthodontist or dentist may have told you to use aligner chewies during your treatment. After switching to a new tray, your aligner may be quite tight for the first few days so using these chews will help to snap your aligners against your teeth. Way more effective than using your fingers! By helping your aligners to fit well, your teeth will move more efficiently, which ultimately will enhance your treatment results. They also help to mediate pain and discomfort associated with tooth movement. They come in two hardness variations represented by two different colors: blue=soft and orange=medium. These work well for fitting new trays in place during your Invisalign journey. How to Use the OrthoChews While wearing aligners or braces, place an OrthoChew between the upper and lower teeth and chew up & down while moving it around different positions along the circumference of the mouth. Bite down hard enough to compress the OrthoChew but not too hard to cause discomfort. Use up to 6 times daily, no more than 1-2 minutes per use, or as directed by your dentist. Precautions: Patients wearing braces should be careful to keep the OrthoChew between the teeth when chewing, avoiding wedging the OrthoChew between the braces, which can dislodge them from the teeth. Do not insert the entire OrthoChew in your mouth as it may be inadvertently swallowed or aspirated.


ALIGNERS FIT BETTER : OrthoChews are very useful when changing to a new set of trays. They help the aligners fit properly on your teeth right away, which helps your teeth start moving immediately. After putting your aligners in, chew on one of these for a few seconds to ensure that the aligner is fully seated on your teeth and comfortable in your mouth. | TREATMENT PROGRESSES AS FAST AS POSSIBLE : When you get a new set of aligner trays, they may not fit tightly against your teeth at first, which can slow down treatment. Using OrthoChews will help to close any air gaps between your teeth and your aligners, making sure they fit properly and your teeth begin to move immediately. | ?RELIEVE PAIN? : Some pain and discomfort might occur during your clear aligner journey as your teeth move into new positions. Biting on these OrthoChews will increase blood flow to reduce the pain you may experience from wearing your invisible braces. Think of it like a massage for sore muscles- your gums are working hard to move your teeth, and OrthoChews give them some relief! | EASY TO USE? : OrthoChews are soft enough to bite comfortably, but hard enough to seat trays effectively. With two hardnessess to choose from, OrthoChews are appropriate even for those with sensitive teeth. Quick and easy to use, just position an OrthoChew between your teeth and bite down repeatedly. The quatrefoil shape enables a confident grip- no worries about slipping out of place! | ?REUSABLE AND DURABLE : Made from medical grade silicone, these dental aligner seaters are hygienic and safe to use. They are reusable and can last for weeks. You can clean your OrthoChews after each session with mild soap and water or diluted mouthwash.





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