Extra Soft Toothbrush, Ultra Soft-bristled Adult Toothbrush Micro nano 12000 Floss Bristle Good Cleaning Effect for Sensitive Teeth Oral Gum Recession(2 pcs)

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Dental problems cannot be ignored If you have the following troubles: Oral odor, Bleeding gum, Sensitive teeth Please pay attention! Yes! You need a super soft toothbrush to protect your teeth! The sparkle of our toothbrush Fine: 80 micron bristles, deep clean your teeth Density: 12000 bristles, fitting the teeth in all directions, giving you a gentle experience Soft: 0 stimulating, gentle care for the teeth Package Include: 2 x Soft Toothbrush (black+white)


Upgrade Toothbrush: Our toothbrush has more than 12000 bristles. It is delicate and soft. It can be deeply cleaned in the mouth and designed for sensitive teeth. Traditional toothbrushes can't clean the mouth deeply. The bristles are too hard and can easily damage the mouth. Choosing our toothbrush is absolutely correct. | 80 Times Hair Transplant: Our super soft hair is 80 times of ordinary toothbrush hair. It combines the advantages of fine, dense and soft. Each hair is only 70 microns in diameter, which can be stimulated 0 times and gently massaged. | Toothbrush Design: The toothbrush has been ergonomically designed and tested thousands of times. The brush head is fine-tuned according to the comfort of the person. The wavy toothbrush design is more suitable for teeth and has no sanitary corners. The comfortable handle design can better adapt to the fingers, prevent excessive force and damage the gums, and gently care for the gums. | Applicable People: Our ultra-soft toothbrushes are designed for sensitive teeth. Older people, pregnant women and children (especially those who like soft hair) can use it to take care of their teeth. | Multifunction of portable: One-piece molding Fine-tip bristles High-density uniform Soft rubber teeth Wear-resistant and durable Tongue-cleaning With comprehensive cleaning function and easy to carry travel Outdoor survival Camping Easy to use





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