Extra Strength Colloidal Silver Soap with Organic Coffee & Cinnamon Oils, Fresh Organic Ground Coffee Bean Exfoliation, Helps Wash Away Germs and Viruses, no Residue (1 Bar) 6 oz

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WE REALIZE SOAP NOT ONLY GOES ON YOUR BODY BUT INTO YOUR BODY! NUTRI-Logics' ONLY uses Top Of The Line (USDA*) PREMIUM CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS INFUSED with FRESH ORGANIC Coffee Beans, Shea Butter and Cinnamon Bark Oils . This African Black Silver SOAP will have you feeling CLEAN and FRESHER than ever as we added ORGANIC Coffee Beans for INCREDIBLE Exfoliation and ( 500 ppm ) of COLLOIDAL SILVER which has a Broad Spectrum of Benefits Effective at helping Wash away Bacteria, Viruses, Pathogens and Fungus. WE ALSO MADE our COLLOIDAL SILVER SOAP bar a Generous 6.OZ bar to Last you Longer then Ever as Many Competitors Only give you a Small 4.oz bar with 30 ppms of silver. Every time you use Nutri-Logics' COLLOIDAL SILVER Soap you are Cleaning Cuts, Wounds and Ridding Germs. PRODUCT QUALITY AND HIGHER COMMITMENT TO NATURAL: NUTRI-Logics' Produces Soap according to a VERY HIGH SET OF STANDARDS. Every bar we make has an UNSURPASSED QUALITY and Complies with the STRICTEST DEFINITION OF NATURAL. Unlike OTHER COMPANIES, We have taken Our Product to an even HIGHER STANDARD OF NATURAL, USDA ORGANIC CERTIFICATION. These days, EVERYONE CLAIMS to have NATURAL PRODUCTS, This is why we decided to Pursue ORGANIC CERTIFICATION for Our Soaps and Soap Making Supplies.The Number One Reason for Success and Longevity is "QUALITY" and when You Purchase from NUTRI-Logics' You Can ALWAYS know You are Getting a Brand that is Passionate about Effective Premium Ingredients and Unrivaled Customer Satisfaction. We Invite you now to Treat yourself to This Premium , One of a Kind, USDA* CERTIFIED ORGANIC SOAP. Claims regarding the medical properties of colloidal silver are not sanctioned by the US authorities or the FDA.


6 . 1 oz Bar - #1 " Internationally Recommended Holistic Soap in Alternative Medicine " - PREMIUM LUXURY SOAP with CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS, $2.15 per oz / Make sure to Compare Shipping Cost, Quality and Ounces before Purchasing for Best Value | Obtain Flawless Skin with Continued use. African Soap is a Deep Cleanser with Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties that Penetrate through the Skin very easily. In doing such it rids the Body of Acne and Helps to Prevent future Breakouts . Because of this Amazing Feature Many People with Multiple Skin Conditions See Great Results in Minimal time / MAXIMUM SILVER INFUSION OF ANY SILVER SOAP ( 500 - Parts Per Million* ) / SUPER EXFOLIATION with Organic Coffee Polishes Skin / No Sticky Residue | Why Coffee Oils? Coffee oil has a High Concentration of Essential Fatty Acids, Sterols, and Vitamin E. Its a Potent Antioxidant that Offers Protection Against Skin Damage and DNA Degradation. It can also Assist in the Prevention of the Development of Photoaging and Inflammatory Skin Disorders. Notice Significant Improvements in the Appearance of Wrinkles, Firmness, and Texture. Coffee Oil has the Ability to Increase Production of Collagen and Elastin and to Protect Against the loss of Moisture | Why Cinnamon Bark Oil ? Cinnamon Essential Oil is Highly Anti-Microbial and Anti-Bacterial for a Great Diversity of Infectious Bacteria. Studies have shown the Strength of Cinnamon Bark Oil to Eliminate Many forms of Pathogenic Organisms. Cinnamon essential oil has traditionally been used for Fast Relief of Infections of the Skin. The aroma of cinnamon essential oil is warming and uplifting to the senses. Its warming aroma soothes the mind and helps one overcome negative feelings | See your Skin Glowing and Healthy with a Myriad of Effective Premium Proven Ingredients and our Ironclad MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. We know it's hard to buy soap online that you haven't seen or smelled before, but we also have complete confidence in the Quality of our products and we're sure you'll love them as much as we do. So we offer you a full money-back guarantee on all our products. Thank you for you Consideration and Confindence in NUTRI-Logics' Certified Organic Products..

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