EZGO 100pcs Deep Cleaning Teeth Wipes Finger Brush Teeth Wipes Oral Brush Ups Mint Flavor

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Product Specification: Scent: Mint Flavor, Sugar free Material: Peppermint oil, menthol, stevioside. Package Specification: 100 pcs per box. Description: EZGO Disposable finger brush up conveniently slip on to most finger sizes, allowing the teeth to be cleaned when a full brushing or cleaning is not possible or is inconvenient. These convenient wipes are individually packaged to maintain sterility and can be disposed after use. These brush ups are suitable for cleaning the teeth on the go, such as during trips where it's difficult to brusn your teeth regularly. After you use a brush up, they remove the remaining residue and freshen up the mouth, leaving the patient with a cleaner feeling mouth. Overall our EZGO brand disposable wipes are convenient, easy to use, and extremely portable. Product Merits: Finger brush ups are designed to remove the film that builds up on tooth surfaces This film may inhibit enamel permeability Instrutions: 1,Open envelop and remove brush up, extend index finger. 2,Slip brush up on index finger with longer sidetoward palm, shorter surface covering nail. 3,Lightly scrub tooth surfaces with longer side of brush up. 4,Remove brush up from finger and dispose of properly. 5,Not for use by children under 12 years of age. Choking hazard for in-facts and small children. 100% Money Back Guarantee - Risk Free - Wait No More - Order Now With Confidence!


Comes with 100 individually wrapped brush wipes, great for on the go | EZGO Finger brush up teeth wipes are designed to remove the film that builds up on tooth surfaces, this film may inhibit enamel permeability, create a healthy oral environment for your teeth | Can be used as a mouth refresher or cleaner before date, meeting, teeth whitening or other on the go, Immediately Brighten Your Smile After a Cup of Coffee or Glass of Red Wine | No water is needed, Sugar free, Mint Flavor(mint flavoring freshens breath and leaves mouth feeling clean), Portable, Fresh breath and teeth cleaning | You can take EZGO teeth wipe on the go, hiking, camping, trival etc.





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