EZGO Teeth Whitening Strips - 28 Count 14 Days Course, Bonus Shade Guide Advanced New Formula, 6% HP, Whiten Your Teeth Faster

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FAST! 100% SATISFACTION! 1- Keep the strips in a cool place. 2- Never handle them with wet hands. 3- Try to wipe your teeth with a napkin and dry your teeth before applying. 4- Do NOT use the strips immediately after brushing your teeth.Notice 1. It is better not to brush your teeth before whitening but you need to floss and rinse your teeth very good before whitening. 2.You can brush lightly after whitening. Sealed foil package comes with 14 pouches of 2 strips (one for upper and one for lower teeth) Total of 28 strips, a 2 week supply. 3.White teeth whitening strips are very easy to use. 4.You can whiten your teeth in just 2 weeks. You do not need mouth trays or gels tubes or pens. 5.These whitening strips are easy to apply. White teeth whitening strips are 100% enamel safe.In the Box 28 Counts Professional Teeth Whitening Strips


STAIN REMOVER - Removes years worth of stains from coffee, wine, tea and smoking for noticeable effect, get a brighter smile in just few treatments. | VALUE PACKAGE - Sealed Box with 14 mini Aluminum pouches each with 2 strips (upper and lower). Total of 28 strips enough for 14 daily applications. | EASY WHITENING - Just 30 minutes of treatment per day can transform your smile and beautify your face. | WHAT YOU EXPECT - Get the whiter & brighter smile you wanted. No matter what is the causes of your shaded smile - we have the teeth whitening solution for you for sparkly teeth. | 100% Natural ingredient, safe and easy to use.

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