Feelings and Dealings: An Emotions and Empathy Card Game | Award-Winning | Therapy Games for Kids | Social and Emotional Skills Development | Feelings Flash Cards

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WINNER OF A PARENTS' CHOICE RECOMMENDED AWARD. Toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and 1st graders love this social emotional game! This early childhood education card game develops empathy and emotional literacy. At 3.5" x 5" inches, the laminated cards are easy to see and a perfect size for small hands. RESEARCH SUPPORTS THE IMPORTANCE OF SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING (SEL). According to the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) organization, SEL offers long-term benefits in academics, behaviors, attitudes, and skills. SEL improves lifetime outcomes. This children's game, along with our companion Feelings and Dealings coloring book and ABC storybook, supports social-emotional learning. 24 NUANCED EMOTIONS. How many emotions/moods can your child name and identifySure, they know happy, mad, and sad. But can they identify the facial expressions and body language of nuanced, complex emotions like distracted, overwhelmed, etc.Kids build emotional skills through discovering 24 emotions. 48 TOTAL CARDS. 24 Individual Pose cards show a child expressing emotion through nonverbal cues such as facial expression and body language. EACH INDIVIDUAL POSE CARD MATCHES A SOCIAL SCENE CARD. 24 Social Scene cards convey feeling in a realistic social situation involving family, friends, and pets in a variety of age-appropriate settings. It's a therapeutic tool developing social intelligence and emotional intelligence through play. BUILDS DIVERSITY AWARENESS. Our range of characters shows a diverse mix of ages, ethnicities, and abilities. CONVERSATION CARDS. Encourages communication through play. It's a play therapy tool helping kids relieve emotional stress and build coping skills! 8 GAMES! 3 games for educational play and 5 games for therapeutic play. The best kids game for teaching soft skills! Use the feelings cards as emotions flashcards for toddlers.


AWARD-WINNING GAME: 48 expressive feelings cards, 24 universal emotions, 3 educational games, and 5 therapy games all in one card deck for kids aged 3 to 6 years. | TEACHES EMPATHY AND EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE THROUGH PLAY: These emotion cards teach children coping and social emotional learning skills such as how to identify emotions through facial expressions, body language, and in social contexts. | PERFECT FOR PARENTS, THERAPISTS, TEACHERS, AND COUNSELORS: Mental Health Professionals love our therapeutic games. Teachers use our educational games in the classroom, and parents use them as conversational cards to connect with their children or as learning games to aid in child development. | LARGE, STURDY CARDS: 48 illustrated cards are sized at 3.5" by 5" inches for easy viewing and small hands. Includes 24 Individual Pose Cards that develop emotional intelligence and 24 corresponding Social Scene Cards that develop social intelligence. | SUPPORTS MENTAL HEALTH: Supports emotional health and connection. Kids discover a wide range of emotions which builds empathy, self and other awareness, interpersonal connection, and models ways to express needs.









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