Fidget Pop Tube Toys for Kids and Adults 6 Pack, Pipe Sensory Tools for Stress and Anxiety Relief, Cool Bendable Multi-Color Stimming Toys Great as Gift, Party Favors, and Prizes for Fidgeters

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Pull, snap, bend, connect, and pop with ZAXIDEEL's pop tubes that with be enjoyed for hours on end.

The package includes:
You get 6 pop tubes in 6 different colors in blue, pink, green, yellow, and red.
Compressed, they are 7.5 inches in length and 1 inch in diameter and they reach 27 inches when stretched.

Extremely Fun Fidget Toys for Kids
These can be pulled and stretched. They create a popping sound when compressed and a
wooing sound when stretched and twirled so the kids are constantly playing with them.
They can also create different shapes as well as connect them to create a very long tube.

Sensory Toys for Children's Development
The pipe tube toys are a great way to improve kids' dexterity and improve their bilateral coordination.
These are ideal for kids with autism, ADHD, ADD, and other sensory processing disorder.
These are also perfect for occupational therapy. This help enhance your little ones' fine motor skills and encourages creative play.

Child Safe and High-Quality Materials
The tubes are made of BPA, phthalates, tin, and LEAD free PP (polypropelene) plastic.
These are highly durable and can withstand hours and hours of bending and stretching.
The colors do not peel off and the tube is smooth for the young ones' hands.


Fidget Pipe Toys that Pull, Bend, Snap, and Pop - These sensory toys can be are bendable, snappable, and poppable and enhances your kids fine motor skills and stimulate the tactile senses and will lead to hours of fun and enjoyment. These also create a popping sound that stimulates the auditory sense | Cool Sensory Toys for Kids - These can help to calm down sensory seeking kids, as well as strengthen the little ones' shaky hands. These are great for kids with ADHD and ADD, for occupational and physical therapy. These are even ideal for adults and even seniors | 6 Set Vibrant Multi-Colored, Multifunctional, Child Safe, Bendable Toys - You get 6 tube toys with different colors: blue, pink, red, green, orange and yellow They can be bent into different shapes and introduce creative play. They can be attached together to create a very long tube. These are non-toxic, BPA, tin, and lead-free, as well as odorless. Note: These may be a choking hazard to kids 3 years and below | Portable, and Durable Materials - These are extremely lightweight at 0.4 pounds and it fits perfectly in your small one's hands. They can be carried around everywhere and played anytime. Bring them to the park, beach, to school or on car and plane rides. Made of strong and durable pp plastic, this will last hours of pulling, bending, snapping and popping | Perfect Gift, Party Favor, or Classroom Prizes - Gift these on your children's birthdays, Christmas stocking stuffers or even on other holidays. You can also give these are party favors. Teachers can also use these are classroom prizes. Counselors can use these are props during counseling sessions.We also sell one set of 24pcs pop tubes?B07WC7JB9G, If you want more pop tubes with wholesale price, you can search it on Amazon









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