Focusound Panda Harmonica for Kids, Diatonic Key of C, Smooth Rounded Edges

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LOOKING FOR THE PERFECT MUSICAL INSTRUMENT FOR YOUR KIDSLearning a musical instrument in this day and age is no longer a luxury but an advantage. Although, with the wide variety of instruments available you are often faced with the dilemma of choosing which one your child will enjoy and easily learn. Some of the factors you have to consider are the price and size and weight. The latter is particularly important for younger kids who may not have the dexterity yet to hold big instruments like guitars or violins. The Panda Harmonica for Kids by Focusound is a unique and easy-to-learn instrument for musically-inclined boys and girls! POWERFUL & VERSATILE The harmonica is an easy instrument to pick up and learn. You can improve leaps and bounds with only 10-minute short, daily practice sessions. Though small, the harmonica is a mighty instrument that can produce a rich sound that other instruments cannot duplicate. For instance, the harmonica can produce two or more notes or multiple intervals, which many other wind instruments cannot do. The harmonica is also a primary instrument in many genres including blues, country, folk, as well as rock music. 100% CHILD SAFE The ergonomic smooth edge design of our product has been granted with an "ASTM F963 International Toy Standard Certificate". We guarantee your child's safety and protection upon use of our harmonica for kids. This kid-friendly harmonica has no sharp edges making the instrument easy to carry and transport in bags or pockets. This musical instrument is non-toxic and has no small choking hazard parts or accessories.


?? DESIGNED FOR KIDS - Our beginner's harmonica is built with an ABS black coms with specially tuned brass reeds and a stainless iron cover. Guaranteed all 10 holes are fully functional. | ?? 100% SAFETY - With an "ASTM F963 International Toy Standard Certificate". This musical instrument is non-toxic and has no small choking hazard parts or accessories. | ?? SUPERIOR QUALITY - A kids' harmonica designed by professionals for young music lovers and musicians. The build's ergonomic smooth edge allows for easy gripping and safer play for kids. | ?? CREATES FAMILY FUN TIME – Parents and children can take turns being teacher and student. Follow it up with musical presentations for an interactive learning process. Make music fun for all! | ?? GREAT GIFT IDEA - The ideal present for little girl and boy musicians. Comes in a nice box package with storage bag, cleaning cloth and a beginner-friendly instruction manual.







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