Foufour Natural Vegetable Marseille Verte Olive Oil Soap Cube 300G, French Traditional Receipt

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Natural Vegetable Marseille Verte Olive Oil Soap Cube 300g, French Traditional Receipt Verte olive oil cube "Savon de marseille 72% a l'hulie d'olive" The soap consists of 72% vegetable oils such as olive oil 40%, palm oil 40%, coconut oil 20%. Ingredients sodium olivate ( fatty acids, olive oil, sodium salts ) sodium cocoate ( fatty acids, coco, sodium salts ), aqua, sodium chloride, glycerin, sodium hydroxide Due to no preservatives color of the soap maybe slighter different: darker or lighter, other properties remain the same. PROPERTIES Savon de Marseille is recommended for all skin conditions, oils contained in the soap have moisturising effect, which is good especially for dry skin condition. Thanks to natural ingredients is recommended for people with sensitive skin or suffering from allergies. Can be used by people with eczema, psoriasis, acne or other problematic skin. The soap have properties anti-bacterial and antiseptic, a solution may be use for cleansing wounds. The soap is anti-allergic and delicate for skin, can be use for baby's skin, washing baby's clothes or any other. The Marseille soap is environment friendly. It doesn't contain any animal ingredients, artificial colours, no preservatives, SLS, parabens, PEG, EDTA no ether glycol, no poly ethylene glycol, no fragrance, has only fragrance of natural origin, has a neutral PH, can be use for intimate hygiene, they are very economical, they stays for very long time. Size of the soap is approx.7x7x7cm.





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