Fresh Kids Deodorant for Boys Ages 6 + (HERO) - SET OF 2 - High Performance - Aluminum FREE - Natural Deodorant

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Our products are designed to fight odor causing bacteria and help stop offensive odors all day long. The intense power of Mother-natures extracts in our products allow Kids and young Teens to concentrate on their individual daily activities while leaving them feeling and smelling their very best.


NATURAL DEODORANT STICK FOR BOYS THAT REALLY WORKS: This deodorant is specially designed for pre-teen and early teen girls. Growing Basics deodorants provide 24 hour freshness by effectively eliminating body odor. Nearly a decade of love, dedication, and commitment to quality has gone into creating the very best deodorant for the ones you love. | CLEAN COOL SCENT WHICH CAPTURES PURITY AND FRESHNESS, CITRUS NOTES, ABOVE A BASE OF CLEAN CUCUMBER, AND AMBER - Invisible Solid - All day Odor Free - Smooth texture - Biodegradable - No Residue (won't even know its there) - Cruelty Free | HAPPINESS GUARANTEE: Growing Basics products come with a Happiness Guarantee when purchased through any authorized retailer.





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