Gag Chewing Gum 3-in-1 Prank Toys Set - Shocking, Water Squirt and Cockroach Snapping Gum Packs - Make Your Friends Laugh and Prank Office Co-Workers - Practical Joke Trick Toy Gift

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Prank Chewing Gum 3 Pack By Gagsterbr>br>Ready to become a prankster
You'll be the life and laugh of the party with this unique 3-in-1 Prank Chewing
Gum pack by Gagster! br>Make your unsuspecting friends and family an offer they can't refuse - a piece of
tasty chewing gum for the>br>Shock Gumbr>As they pull out the realistic-looking green or yellow treat, they will jump with
surprise from the minor shock caused by the electric gum shocker! (Batteries

Water Squirt Gum
Alternatively, spring for the next prank pack and fill the tiny plastic vial with
water. Place it back in the packet and offer your kid sister a piece. As she reaches
in to pull it out, press the top of the pack to squirt. There, you've got 'em!
br>Snapping Gum
But that's not all. The third gum pack includes a cockroach finger trap which will
snap down on an innocent victim's finger - cockroach and all - when an attempt is
made to pull out a piece of gum from the packet. When the prank is finished,
simply push back in by means of the spring.
br>Become A Trickster
So hurry up and place your order now! Give as a clever, original gift in the
delightful multicolored package. Not intended for children or adults with heart
conditions. Just perfect for fans of shock phone pranks, shock pen party gags, and
other favorite novelty trick toys and practical joke gag gifts.


TRIPLE PRACTICAL JOKE GUM SET: Gagster brings you 3 funny trick toys in 1: Squirt, snapping and shock gum. | BECOME A TRICKSTER OR CLASS CLOWN: delight (or annoy) your friends with these humor prank toys. | EYECATCHING COLORFUL GIFT PACKAGE: for a perfect offering of these unique novelty toys gag gifts. | LIFT THE SPIRITS OF THOSE AROUND YOU with harmless, safe, zapping, squirting, snapping fun! | LIFETIME GUARANTEE has got you covered; it’s your 100% satisfaction, or your money back!









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